Company Culture

Company culture is something which gives employees the required environment to work in peace, with great satisfaction and with more passion. If the company culture is great, then the company is really good to work with. The culture defines about the working environment created for the employees.

Being one of the top leading companies in the entertainment industry, we believe that talent and skills are best exposed when the efforts are collective and seamless. Our top priority is employee satisfaction, which is achieved via many team events, flexible work schedules, schedules to accommodate personal work commitments and open forums.

We also believe that individual empowerment is necessary for achieving results and give ample space for self-expression and the freedom to express themselves completely, which includes in decorating the office, their space in a way they really want to see it. We keep rewarding via competitive benefits, job security, upward growth and standard working hours, to keep the talent and skilled employees with us. We believe in retaining the talent as they are the best investment we can make.

Culture is actually developed using diversity as the base, as in the entertainment industry one can’t play all the roles and can’t be of the same background. So adapting to each one's style and respecting their backgrounds is very important.

Giving them paid holidays and sick leaves are another way of pumping up the performance. When a person with good performance is rewarded in terms of these, surely it will boost them and they will aim more.

Similarly providing employees with regular lunch or snacks break together for an hour will give them a break and help them bond with their teammates and also will provide a positive environment for the company. The knowledge and talent are shared, and there are chances that one person can become an all-rounder for the team, assisting everybody in every small task.