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Best Music Apps for Android users!

Music is like air, you can actually not see it, but feel its presence and sense its absence. Music is here since decades and decadese.

Best Music Apps for Android users!

Music is like air, you can actually not see it, but feel its presence and sense its absence. Music is here since decades and decades. Even before man invented various instruments and things to get the music, nature has and has its own soothing and relaxing music to calm the environment.

We listen to music when we are really Happy, excited or when we are sad and hurt. We also listen to music when we are actually bored, for time-pass, for having fun, for exploring more of musical connection within us! So, music is a part of our lives at any moment. It’s an inseparable part of us, though not used regularly, we can’t without them!

In the earlier days people used to carry a Walkman, with few cassette tapes of their favourite tunes, later it developed to iPods and now our phones are everything. You can tune to theradio, listen to your favourite songs, and you can listen to a mixed melody, top hits of various artists, bands and much more, all on your smartphone. You can even learn to play few musical instruments via your phone. So, technology has changed the way we perceive music and the way it stays with us.

All this is possible with apps that help us stay connected to our soul with music, music that never fails to touch our heart and soul at one point in time in our lifetime. These apps, are developed by few companies and are run by them to provide unlimited music service, mostly free. in case you need some additional customisation, then you are charged. Isn’t it nice to take the whole bunch of service for free? All you need is a smartphone with good internet connection, contact BT and installing the best app that suits your taste and style of music.

But the way you get entertained depends upon the channel you are listening or subscribed to or installed on. There are hundreds of apps, providing you music each day, in every genre and style, but there is thetotal difference in the list of acompilation of songs, artists and etc. that makes it stand out. So we shall give you a list of few best apps that have stood the test and are still performing best! Check out!

iHeart Radio:

if you are looking out for some radio alone, then this is the right one that you will need. It supports tonnes of devices, having great features, without much of commercials this is one of the top 10 radio. You can listen to podcasts and comedy shows. You can set it with an alarm clock and also snooze when you need to, you can create a daily schedule too. this app also lets you view lyrics of the songs, read artists biography’s and share the same with others.

Along with themobile app, this radio is available for XBOX, Windows 8, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and more.

Pandora Radio:

Pandora is among the top ones in the list. The most impressing factor about this app is that its simplicity and cross-platform support. All the station's sync across all platforms. You get recommendations too, based on your current artist and music genre. They also serve on demand streaming, for those who need them!

Google Play Music

This is one of the options that are getting popular day by day. The highlighted feature is that ability of the app to upload 50k of your songs for personal streaming. This one is the best, in the online free service, to combine a current collection of yours with the store one. Podcasts can also be listened to, for free. Even the paid version is much better, with lot more perks and added services. Free ones aren’t bad anyways; they too are loaded with a lot of great service features like none other.

Spotify Music:

This one allows you to follow artists and sync music from your desktop. Here just like Pandora, you can create your own lists and save them to hear later. You will also get recommendations based on your latest playlists or choices of interest. This app provides you many different notifications, based on your choice of artist or album and lets you when something new is on the charts.